Clear Answers About Penile Implant Surgery Cost

November 5, 2015

You'd think it would be easy to find out penile implant surgery cost. Not how much a penile prosthesis costs, but how much it costs to have a penile implant operation if you pay for it from your own pocket with no insurance. You'd think you could get a straight answer.

It's actually very hard to get a straight answer to a simple question like this one. Here and there, searching online, you might find reference to penile implant cost, none of which comes close to answering the question. For example, the Times of India reported last year that 18 Gujaratis received penile implants on one particular weekend. That article pointed out that the cost of penile implant ranged from 3 lakh for the AMS Spectra malleable penile implant to 8 lakh for the AMS 700 inflatable 3-piece penile implant. This is not much use if you are trying to plan for penile implant surgery in Tennessee, as one of our customers recently did. 

None of this is surprising, of course, given that insurance benefits are contracting and the generally woeful state of healthcare transparency in the United States. Consider, for example, that the state of Maine only now launched a federally funded health transparency website. This site is of limited scope: as of today it allows for search for a total of 8 procedures, including a procedure labeled "remove up to 14 skin growths". Who up there wants to "remove up to 14 skin growths?"

Even when Maine's site seems clear enough, it's not clear at all. The site lists knee replacement surgery, with costs ranging from $29,000 to $50,000. Do the prices cited include surgeon fee? anesthesia? implant? physical therapy? Who are the surgeons? How are they qualified? Who knows? 

And 8 procedures? Seriously, Maine, Surgeo, which is 200 years younger than you and never got a penny from the government, has 27 procedures. Come on, Maine, get it together!

Patients deserve clear answers coupled to simple access to quality care. This means that men who need a penile implant deserve clarity and simplicity around the qualifications of their surgeon choices and the cost of their surgery. So let's have a look at the price of a penile implant surgery not in India, not in the United Kingdom, but in the U.S.A. Better yet, let's figure out the cost ourselves, so we know exactly what the cost represents. Here's how we do it:

               1) We design a surgery package with components that make sense
                              administrative support
                              complications protection

               2) We contract those components at an agreed price
               3) We add up the prices of the contracted components
               4) We present you a list of transparently priced penile implant surgery packages

You want to know how much it costs to have penile implant surgery? For the items listed above, as of November 5, 2015, it costs from $19,400 in Hollywood, Florida to $26,700 in New York, New York. Just click here for details. Why different price when the comparison is "apples" to "apples?" That's a question for another post, but basically it comes down largely to variations in facility charges. Plus the fact that there has never before been an open, transparent market like the rational one we're building here.

The days of evasion and apathy are over. Every package on Surgeo has a clear, flat price, be it for vision correction, weight loss surgery, or hip replacement. And if you need something that is not listed, let us know. Surgeo is a growing community of highly qualified, peer credentialed surgeons who are ready to help. In the meantime, you can watch the video below to learn a bit more about our flat-fee, transparent penile implant surgery packages. And if after visiting the list of flat-fee surgery packages you have any questions at all, just call us at 888-504-1080 or send us a query by email.


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