Shifting Healthcare Landscape Fuels Surgeon Driven Solution

New kind of online market opens access to qualified surgeons

Highly qualified surgeons from the United States and England have enrolled in Surgeo®, a new kind of surgeon driven, online surgery market. Every Surgeo surgeon delivers services as part of a flat-fee package that includes the facility, anesthesia, and more. The packages are designed by the surgeons. The technology is designed and operated by Allevion, a Florida healthcare logistics company. 

"Despite consolidation in the market, cost is rising and choice is contracting. Patients need more convenience and they need more choice," said Aron Wahrman, MD, MBA, FACS, a professor of surgery and graduate of the program in Healthcare Delivery Science at Dartmouth University. "Surgeons want to address these needs. Enrolling in Surgeo allows them to collaborate as they contribute to practical healthcare reform."

Surgeo is based on the premise that surgical quality depends most directly on the surgeon. It is also based on the premise that surgeons know surgeons better than anyone else. To build its network of qualified surgeons, Surgeo begins with suggestions from surgeons for who they would go to if they needed surgery. It then gathers input from more surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and others. Here are two of the peer-suggested surgeons who qualified for and belong to Surgeo's exclusive network:

  • Robert Maloney, MD (Los Angeles, CA, ophthalmology): has performed 55,000 eye surgeries and trained 700 surgeons in vision correction.
  • G. Derek Weiss, MD (Lexington, KY, bariatric surgery): has performed 4,500 minimally invasive procedures on patients with BMIs ranging from 29 to 100.

Surgeo offers convenience by delivering the services of every surgeon with the facility, anesthesia, and additional goods and services that are clearly listed. Each surgery package has a clear, single price and includes ancillary procedures: if a surgeon fixes an unexpected hiatus hernia during gastric sleeve surgery, the patient does not get an unexpected bill. When it is available, Surgeo packages also include financial protection in the event of complications. There is no membership fee: this is strictly pay as you go. Surgeo delivers qualified surgeons, comprehensive service, and financial peace of mind.

Surgeo simplifies access by putting its surgery packages on an interactive online portal that enables the user to easily search and compare them. It also enables the user to submit a request for consultation with his chosen surgeon for his chosen package. Here are steps a user might take to request a hip replacement package:

Surgeo transforms how surgeons deliver their services and begs questions about practical healthcare reform. You can click here to see how one blogger sees what Surgeo does. You can click below to get more information and join the conversation.

Posted on Aug 13, 2015