For Payers

This is what Surgeo can do for you:

  • Integrate new facilities and new providers to your network
  • Develop value-generating surgery package choices for your network
  • Develop one-line explanations of benefits for added member convenience
  • Present the new surgery package choices to your members in clear language
  • Show out-of-pocket costs to your members and align their incentives with yours

For PayersYour customers are screaming for value. They want you to lower premiums and expand service options. And you’d love nothing more than to optimize your network, but fee-for-service contracting doesn’t give you the levers you need. Besides, even if you did optimize your network and figured out how to align member incentives, your members may still not use the optimized choices because your member engagement portals may not be very friendly and their data may need to be updated. Surgeo can help you help your customers and members.

Surgeo delivers value through surgery packages that provide the things patients need and none of the things they do not need. These packages are built around specialists who are carefully, independently qualified by us. Surgeo can build surgery packages using your network providers. It can also add new providers and expand your network.

Surgeo excels at providing clear and effective communication with members, primary physicians, and other users, making network offerings visible, including important service attributes, such as surgeon qualifications, prices, and locations.

Surgeo’s technology can integrate with your data streams so, under an authenticated account, you can use it to show your members the out-of-pocket costs associated with service choices. You provide a better member shopping experience through choices of qualified surgeons with price transparency at convenient locations. You also align your members’ incentives with yours.

Surgeo also provides a one-line explanation of benefits that your members will appreciate. Optimize your network and communicate effectively with your members with Surgeo. Deliver quality, value, and convenience.

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