How We Protect Your Health Information

The privacy of health information is at the core of every physician-patient relationship. Knowing this allows patients to share their health information with their doctors with confidence. We are absolutely committed to keeping health information private.

Allevion, the company behind Surgeo, uses administrative, physical, and technological safeguards to keep health information private. For example, Allevion only requests the minimum information required by providers involved in your care. Allevion leases a Texas based data center from Armor, a HITRUST and CSF certified data host that specializes in health information. Fire Host offers fully managed hacker protection, data isolation practices, and continuous network monitoring. The center’s physical environment includes advanced power conditioning and such security controls as biometric scanning. Health information is maintained on a dedicated server that is physically separate from the main database server. Other safeguards include internal and external vulnerability scans, filtering of web traffic by web application firewalls, and encryption of health information.

To validate Surgeo's security, The Nerdery, Allevion's web development partner, applied a multi-phase methodology to complete a comprehensive, post-launch vulnerability analysis. Automated and manual testing were used to identify and quantify vulnerabilities, including the Open Web Application Security Project Top Ten Application Security Risks. Potential vulnerabilities were mitigated and secured.

Allevion recognizes that the digital age brings opportunities to enhance the physician-patient relationship. It also understands that electronic communications technologies pose new and special challenges to information privacy. Allevion is absolutely devoted to protecting the privacy of any record entrusted to it – while facilitating the delivery of the care patients seek.

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