Physician Advisory Board

Surgical practice is in a constant state of change: new procedures are developed, new technology is invented, and services come and go. To help shape high quality, useful surgical offerings, Surgeo has assembled advisors with specific relevant knowledge and skill. These advisors help to define the most useful surgical procedures and the composition of the services packages Surgeo brings to you. They also help to define surgeon qualification criteria and identify and recruit qualified surgeons into the Surgeo nertwork.

Our practicing advisors are among the most experienced physicians and surgeons in the world. Many have been at the forefront of medical research, development, and education for decades. They have invented techniques, designed devices, taught students and fellow surgeons, run academic training programs, run clinical trials, and published original, peer reviewed research. They believe that patients deserve quality, value, convenience, and choice. 

Here are Surgeo's physician advisors:

knoll urology reconstruction penile implant revision artificial urinary sphincter male sling nashville tennessee

Men's Health
Dean Knoll, MD (Nashville, TN): global authority on surgery for erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and Peyronie's disease.





joint replacement knee hip advisor surgeonJoint Replacement
Omar Akhtar, MD (Austin, Texas): former engineer who became a knee and hip replacement specialist





Laser vision correction
Marc Odrich, MD (New York, NY): designed the FDA trials that led to approval of lasers for vision correction.




setliff sinus surgery rhinology polyp deviated nasal septum sioux falls south dakota

Nasal sinus surgery
Reuben Setliff, MD (Sioux Falls, SD): pioneer in medical and surgical sinus care




Wahrman plastic surgery abdominoplasty Plastic Surgery
Aron Wahrman, MD, MBA, MHCDS (Philadelphia, PA): authority on wound healing and healthcare delivery





Hand surgery
Anne Ouellette, MD, MBA (Coral Gables, FL): former hand surgery fellowship director and referral destination for complex cases





skyler diabetes endocrinology obesity floridaEndocrinology
Jay Skyler, MD (Miami, FL): former president of American Diabetes Association. Expert on complications of diabetes and obesity