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You deserve financial security. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your surgery package includes features that limit the financial exposure that naturally comes with surgery. Here is what we do to help you find financial security and peace of mind.

Qualify Our Surgeons

Our network includes surgeons who are highly qualified. It is their qualifications – their experience and their focus – that raises the likelihood that you will have a wonderful outcome with the least likelihood of complications. In other words, surgeon quality is a first and very important step in helping you find financial security and peace of mind. Learn How We Qualify Our Surgeons

Protection in the Event of Ancillary Procedures

We contract for services in a way that reduces the likelihood of a surprise medical bill for ancillary procedures that occur commonly. For example, sleeve gastrectomy, a weight loss procedure, is at times associated with the need to repair a certain kind of hernia; the need for this kind of ancillary procedure is not always known – or accounted for – before surgery. Often in situations like this the patient receives bills for the ancillary procedure after the surgery: from the surgeon, anaesthesiologist, hospital, and maybe others. We account for the possibility of bills associated with common ancillary procedures by contracting with providers in a way that substantially lowers the risk of a surprise bill.

Protection in the Event of Complications

When they are available, as in the case of penile implant surgery, our packages include third-party financial products that provide financial security in the event of complications. These third-party products may take the form of a cash lump-sum payment to our customer or the form of payment directly to providers for services related to treating complications. These third-party financial products are available for a few of our surgery packages today and will be available for more of our surgery packages in the future.

Our packages always include highly qualified surgeons and protection from medical bills related to common ancillary procedures. When available, they include third-party financial protection in the event of complications. To see if your surgery package includes third-party financial protection in the event of complications, please check the detailed surgery package description, which you may download as a printable PDF from the top of the search results and other pages.

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