Give the People What They Want. Give it Online.

November 3, 2015

You have great products for patients and other consumers of healthcare services.  Unfortunately, having the products is not enough – you have to let the patients and consumers know that you have them.  The patients are out there, and I assure you they are looking online for solutions to their needs. 

Cleveland-based Marcus Thomas, LLC published new research that shows a shift in healthcare consumerism behavior.  More specifically, nearly one-quarter of millennial parents (ages 18-35) don’t ask for a referral when selecting a pediatric hospital.  So, where do they go to gather information that will assist them in selecting an option?  You guessed it, the World Wide Web.  Millennial parents are more likely to search for hospitals (73%) or check rankings (72%) than previous generations. 

Phil Johnston, Senior Vice President at Marcus Thomas stated, “Having greater transparency on pricing and quality data will become increasing important as the current generation of parents dominate the health care marketplace,” he said. “That type of information will become more and more important over coming months and several years.”

Millennials (there’s 75.3 million of them, by the way) have more money coming out of pocket for healthcare services than previous generations and they want to shop around and understand their choices.  Make it easy for them to find you and understand your products and you will be ahead of the curve.  If you have taken it upon yourself to embrace this shift, you have two options, buy it or build it. Should you choose to buy it, we can provide you with a privately labeled, customized version of  We’re also available to help you think through what to communicate and how to communicate it. 

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