Drawing Inspiration From the Medical Men of the Mustache

November 2, 2015

Every November, men all around the world take out their razors and shave their faces clean. Then, as the days roll ahead, they grow bushy new mustaches and transform themselves into MoBros: the brotherhood of the men of the mustache. Along with the MoSistas, their female associates, they raise awareness and raise funds for research for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, physical inactivity, and such other issues in men's health as erectile dysfunction and more. 

As we kick off Movember, all clean shaven and ready to raise awareness of men's health, can there be a more fitting symbol than the medical mustache? Of course, not. Let us take a moment, then, to examine which of the great physicians of history sported a Mo and draw inspiration from their achievements. Let MediMos guide us to even greater heights of achievements.

Greece teacher medicine educationHippocrates, whose famous oath of "first, do no harm," might have instead been "first, do no shave." This father of medicine admonished physicians to know their limits.


Indian Sashruta prostate removal urethra dilatation surgery bookSashruta, the sage of the Himalayas, is referred to as the father of surgery. His Samhita includes reference to prostatectomy.


England anatomy circulation blood vascular surgery HarveyWilliam Harvey, an English physician who described the human circulatory system. His defense won the acquittal of several women who had been accused of witchcraft.


Russia Chekhov doctor physician playwrite storyAnton Chekhov, a Russian contemporary of Leo Tolstoy, he was a practicing physician whose apparent true love was story telling and drama. 


German Hungarian child birth obstetrics hand wash antisepticIgnatz Semmelweiss saved countless mothers with his discovery that hand washing during childbirth reduced the risk of puerperal fever, an infection of the female reproductive tract.


Mayo Clinic microscope Minnesota choleraWilliam Worrall Mayo, who established the medical practice that would become the Mayo Clinic. He was inspired to study medicine after assisting in Indiana during a cholera outbreak.


urology cystoscopy penile implant erectile dysfunctionJoaquin Maria Albarrán y Dominguez, Cuban born French urologist who performed the first perineal prostatectomy in France and developed a device that helps to catheterize the ureter


sinus surgery nasal septum deviation polypReuben Setliff, a nasal sinus surgeon who sinus surgeons go to when they need sinus surgery. He was the first surgeon to join Surgeo and take on the call of quality, convenience, and choice.


mobro movember mens health penile implantDean Knoll, urologist expert in penile implant surgery, correction of Peyronie's Disease curvature, and male incontinence surgery. Dean could give Tom Selleck a run for his money!


As as stand in awe of your contributions, MediMos, we recognize that across time and space we are one community yearning to live better, longer lives. Along with your clean shaven colleagues, you have worked tirelessly to alleviate suffering, prolong life, and help men and women live healthier, more productive lives. We shall carry your legacies forward as we reach for higher levels of medical achievements. Thus do we stand in awe of your impressive mustaches and work with our friends at Movember to raise awareness, raise funds for research, and work around the clock to simplify access to quality care. MediMos: we salute you!

Watch the video below to learn more about why Surgeo salutes and supports Movember.




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