Penile Implant Surgery in Nashville, Tennessee

October 20, 2015

It's always exciting when a real leader shows up and says he wants to come in, so it was very much a very exciting moment when one of the most accomplished and experienced reconstructive urologists showed up and asked to be a part of the network.

We are talking in this case about Dean Knoll, a Mayo trained urologist who has spent 30 years helping men overcome the frustrations of erectile dysfunction. He has also spent a good part of that time teaching other surgeons how to perfect their skills. This he does by operating with them and by inviting them to observe his technique for implanting penile prostheses, including semi-rigid (malleable) and two-piece and three-piece inflatable penile implants, at his home base in Nashville, Tennesee

We had heard of Dr. Knoll long before he decided to join us. We knew that he had taught urologists reconstructive surgery from Korea to Brazil. We knew that he had conducted clinical trials and published scientific research. What we did not have was a full appreciation of how his peers and coworkers saw his technical abilities and bedside manner. Here are some of the things they told us when we put Dr. Knoll, like all our surgeons, through our peer credentialing qualification:

“He has excellent outcomes.”
“Dean is professionally superb”
“He has a worldwide reputation”
“He has a great bedside manner.”
“I’d send my friends and family to him”
“Other surgeons send him the tough cases”
“Other surgeons come to his operating room to learn”
“Dean is the ultimate gentleman to his patients and partners”

You can find Dr. Knoll's Nashville penile implant surgery package with clear cost if you click here.

You can click on the video below to get a one-minute overview of Dr. Knoll and his services:


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