Shopping for Surgery After Corona

The Need For Transparency Meets The Need For Social Distancing

Can there be any more reasons to make surgery shopping easier for patients?

When we set up Surgeo, an online market for cash based surgery shopping for the uninsured, we aimed to put choice and convenience in the hands of patients. Its features thus include choice, comprehensive service packages, financial risk protection, and human support. Among its most unusual features is financial transparency: you can know your cost simply by looking. Nothing can be more convenient.

What about insured patients? Don't they want and need convenience? Consider the basic matter of cost. To know his cost, the insured patient would have to account for his eligibility and benefits, a policy that may dynamically shift as his family uses services, and the fragmentation of costs by providers: hospital, surgeon, anesthesia, physical therapy, and so on. 

The inherent complexity of cost determination is compounded by needing in most cases to travel to the surgeon, hospital, or other participant and then having to beg for a partial answer. This is not only further inconvenience. In the days after viral pandemics, who wants to sit in a waiting room with strangers? 

The realities of cost opacity and viral infection argue forcefully for a solution like Surgeo for insured patients. This solution will conveniently address patient needs for transparency and social distancing. It will provide comprehensive out-of-pocket costs in real time from any web enable device.

Posted on Apr 22, 2020