Regain Your Function

men health erectile dysfunction penile implant viagra Remember how it was? Everything worked. But as commonly happens, we change, including in how we function as men. The trouble is that it's hard to look for solutions because, for most of us, this is a pretty private matter.

Surgeo understands how hard regaining function can be. Surgeo is a surgery logistics service designed by a network of highly accomplished surgeons. We know from years of working with adult men that they need answers to questions, access to good doctors, and choice of treatments. We know that not all treatments work for all men. For example, it can be hard to regain function after prostate cancer surgery with just oral medication.

For men for whom medication, injections, and pumps don't work, there is prosthetic surgery. This brings its own challenges, starting with the fact that, despite the fact that it has been around for 40 years and has high satisfaction, most doctors know little about it. Plus then there's the fact that often insurance often won't pay for it. 

The surgeons at Surgeo are committed to doing what they can to simplify access to quality care. Our logistics service is not all things to all people. It is one very convenient service for men who have tried medications, injections, and pumps and have decided that the best choice for them is prosthetic surgery. If you are one of those men, we can help you.

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