Penile Implant Surgery Packages. Clear Costs. Risk Protection.


In this video, Surgeo's founder explains how Surgeo
approaches quality, convenience, and choice
for men seeking penile implant surgery.

If you are having penile implant surgery for erectile dysfunction, then you first need to find a qualified surgeon. At Surgeo, we have brought together a group of very highly qualified, peer credentialed penile implant surgeons. They are the surgeons that surgeons use when they need surgery.

Each surgeon leads a service package that has a clear cost that includes your surgeonsurgical facility, anesthesia, choice of penile prosthesis, consultation and visits before and after surgery, medical record coordination, financing support, and private call center support.

Surgeo penile implant surgery packages also include ancillary procedures, such as circumcision, and, uniquely, financial protection in the event of complications. Click below to choose the surgery package that's right for you:

And if you have any questions at all, you can always reach us at (888) 504-1080.