A Surgeon Looks At Surgeo

A general surgeon and urologist dig into what makes Surgeo different and so appealing


The Op Report is a series of open-access video conversations related to surgical education, technology, and innovation. Chris Porter, M.D., a general surgeon and founder of The Op Report, interviewed Arnon Krongrad, M.D., a urologist and founder of Surgeo, about the history and purpose of the service. He dug deep into its free market ideas and the issues that relate most directly to its surgeon participants, including:

  • what patients are looking for
  • where quality comes from
  • how surgeons are qualified
  • making service convenient
  • designing the services
  • expansion of choice
  • management of liability
  • effect on cost and cost disparity
  • how large institutions are reacting
  • the big idea: setting healthcare straight

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Posted on Apr 12, 2016