Animated Videos Communicate Surgeo's World of Surgery

Help to explain how Surgeo functions in regards to quality, cost, and convenience

Surgeo Channel has started to present short, animated videos that help to explain how Surgeo deals with surgical quality, transparency, and convenience. The videos are directly aimed at the needs of healthcare consumers facing contracting networks, reduced choice, and rising healthcare costs. For example, in the world before Surgeo, it was very difficult for a patient to know the price of a surgical service. In the world after Surgeo, it is trivial because every flat-fee surgery package offered on Surgeo comes with a clear price that is clearly presented. The videos will also give customers a chance to learn a bit more about the highly qualified surgeons on Surgeo. Below are a few representative videos. More will be coming as Surgeo builds. 

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A look at clearly priced knee replacement surgery packages.










Some of the financial features of Surgeo's penile implant surgery packages: clear cost, financing, complications protection.










Surgeon Snapshots provide a concise look at some of the surgical specialists whose surgery packages you can find on Surgeo. This illustration features one of Surgeo's highly qualified vision correction experts.







Posted on Oct 8, 2015