Video Channel Examines World of Surgeons

Opens Conversations About Quality and Access

Surgeo video ChannelA new video channel has launched on YouTube with its sights set on the world of surgeons. The idea driving Surgeo Channel is to open a broader, interactive conversation among surgeons, patients, employers, and payers about surgical quality and access to care. The channel will feature original video and audio content. It will also use its playlists to organize content and also pull in related third-party content that highlights specific aspects of surgical care. For example, its Behind the Mask playlist engages surgeons in discussions about standard and new surgical techniques, views of healthcare generally, and how patients can better take care of themselves. Content will be added and  you can subscribe for new videos by clicking on the red subscribe button in the channel. Here are a few examples of what you can find on the Surgeo Channel:

Hip Arthroscopy
In this informal conversation, orthopedic surgeon, Amir Jamali, MD, explains why it took so long for arthroscopic techniques to be applied also to the hip joint. He reviews the special features of the anatomy of the hip and why it makes it much more challenging than the knee and shoulder to work with. 








Surgical Quality
A urologist and orthopedic surgeon consider the implications of a study of surgical quality conducted by a group of bariatric surgeons. They conclude that nobody knows surgical quality better than other surgeons and that, for now, there is no data driven objective substitute for surgeon opinion about quality.








Online Shopping for Surgery
Years ago, if you wanted to buy a book, you went to a bookstore. Not any more. Today, you buy books online. This video demonstrates how you can shop for surgery packages online.








Healthcare Consumerism
With choice contracting and direct cost rising, patients are being quickly transformed into consumers. The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism helps to shed light on consumer interests as they relate to shopping for surgery.







Posted on Sep 23, 2015