Corporate Advisory Board

Healthcare delivery is in a constant state of change: regulations change, choice of service contracts, financial burdens on consumers change, and technology increasingly enables patients to gather data, expand knowledge, and interact with providers. Allevion, the company behind Surgeo, has assembled a board of highly experienced engineers, entrepereneurs, and finance experts to help its customers adapt to changing social, financial, and regulatory environment. Each brings a wealth of experience in his area of expertise. These advisors have invented technologies, run healthcare consultancies, and built and sold companies.


steven r gerst md mba healthcare investor consultant entrepreneur advisorSteven R Gerst, MD, MBA,MPH, CHE (healthcare investment banking)
Managing Director, Capital Markets, Olympian Capital Investment Management, LLC
Dean Emeritus, Byran University, Masters of Science in Applied Healthcare Informatics
Former Regional Medical Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Former President, PPO Division, Columbia/HCA






Illan Poreh


Kevin Watson