Cataract Removal

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  • Intraocular Lens
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Package A

$3,500 US
Joseph Selem ophthalmology Miami Florida cataract excision

Joseph Selem, MD

Specialty: Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery
Practicing Since: 2010
Certification(s): Ophthalmology
Fellowship(s): Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery (2010 )
Medical School(s): Ponce School of Medicine (2005)
Residency : University of Texas (2009 )

A little about me ...

During my training at the University of Texas-Houston, located in the largest medical center in the world I came across a lot of patients that were blind due to cataracts. After having their cataracts removed, patients the next day were so grateful and happy. This is when I realized that removing your cataract will open your vision to allow you to see and enjoy the things in life that are important to you.

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