Our First Female Specific Surgery Packages

October 31, 2015

In recent weeks, Surgeo has begun to qualify peer credentialed surgeons who specialize in male specific surgical procedures such as prostatectomy, penile implant, and spermatic cord microdenervation. These procedures are different from correction of deviated nasal septum and total knee replacement, which can serve both genders. 

One reason for the focus on specific lines of service is that specific kinds of surgeons know and can assess the skills of other specific kinds of surgeons. This phenomenon drives Surgeo's approach to quality,as was recently summarized on Antidote, a health blog of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. In brief, the approach embraces the idea that surgeons know surgeons better than anyone else. This means that urologists who specialize in male reconstruction can bring in more of their kind and share an assessment of their abilities. This thinking has led Surgeo to build a growing Physician Advisory Board, which is composed of very highly experienced surgeons who focus on specific lines of service: vision correction, nasal sinus surgery, hand surgery, and so on. 

In recent days, Surgeo has taken first steps to now also developing services around highly qualified, peer credentialed surgeons who specialize in female specific surgical procedures: hysterectomy, breast reduction, and the like. It has brought in a first gynecological surgeon, Richard Rosenfield, of Portland, Oregon. Dr. Rosenfield has an extraordinary experience around outpatient, fully ambulatory laparoscopic hysterectomy. You can click on the first video below to see more. Surgeo has also brought in plastic surgeon David Abramson of Englewood, New Jersey. Dr. Abramson completed a full general surgery residency before taking on another three years of highly specialized training in adult and pediatric plastic surgery at Harvard University. Like Dr. Rosenfield, his colleague out west, Dr. Abramson is an innovator, educator, and highly respected surgeon. You can click on the second video to see more about him.

With time, Surgeo will continue to develop more packages around more lines of service. Service and package development is a slow, methodical process that requires service definition and surgeon identification. So while Surgeo will never be all things to all people, it will deliver simple access to quality care, which means the first ingredient of every package is a highly qualified surgeon. Drs. Rosenfield and Abramson represent the kind of surgeon we are talking about.

If you have a surgical need that is not represented by what you find on Surgeon, please let us know. Our surgeon network spans the globe and we can almost always within just a few phone calls get to the surgeon you need. We are here to help. Call us or fill out or send us this contact form.


 Richard Rosenfield, MD, gynecological surgeon


  David Abramson, MD, plastic surgeon

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