Why Penile Implants are Not the New Boob Job

October 23, 2015

Men's Health recently published an article salaciously entitled Why Penile Implants Are the New Boob Job. In the article, sex columnist Anka Radakovich details a sexual encounter with a 39-year old man who has a penile prosthesis.

Are penile implants, which are used to treat erectile dysfunction, really the new boob job? Are they and should they be implanted for enlargement of the penis, as is the case with breast implants put in for breast augmentation? What do we know about penile prostheses implanted for reasons other than correction of congenital or acquired deformities and/or erectile dysfunction? Not much, according to a policy put out by the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, which says essentially that it has not found any validated research to show that penile lengthening and/or enlargement is safe or efficacious. It goes on to say that penile enlargement should be regarded as experimental and can be associated with surgical complications.

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