New Surgery Package for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

October 23, 2015

Hysterectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures in the United States and as a treatment for such conditions as fibroids, prolapse, or pain during the menstrual cycle it accounts for over half a million operations annually. According to this report, a great many hysterectomies are being done inpatient.

A great many hysterectomies are done with open surgical techniques, but this is not necessarily because open surgery is needed or is a better approach for the patient. For women who need a hysterectomy and would like it done with minimally invasive techniques, our network now also includes a outpatient laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery package. In its first form, this package will be performed in Portland, Oregon under the direction of Richard Rosenfield, MD. As choice is broadened to more surgeons and locations, every laparoscopic hysterectomy package will include the surgeon, facility, anesthesia, pathology, surgeon visits before and after the procedure, and complications protection (click here to see what every package includes).

Why Dr. Rosenfield? To start with, here are a few of his career highlights:

                       Graduated University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
                       Trained in gynecology at Stanford University
                       Led introduction of laparoscopic hysterectomy
                       Trains gynecological surgeons in laparoscopic technique
                       Reviewer for the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
                       Oregon Medical Advisory Committee, Susan G. Komen Foundation

And to add to it, here is what other gynecologists and anesthesiologists told us privately about him:

                       “Rick taught me everything I know about laparoscopic hysterectomy.”
                       “He’s as good as anyone I’ve ever worked with in the U.S. or abroad.”
                       “He’s one of the best gynecological surgeons I’ve ever worked with.”
                       “He is one of the best laparoscopic gynecologists I’ve ever seen.”
                       “I would be very confident sending my sister or mother to him.”
                       “He’s easily approachable. He’s a nice guy.“
                       “His patients love him.”

Click below to see a short video about Dr. Rosenfield.




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