Online Access to Penile Implant Surgery

December 7, 2015

What's in a brand? A lot, apparently. This is why some very large corporations distribute their wares to different ones. Customers, it seems, are picky about their loyalties.

So why should everyone have to access Allevion's surgery packages exclusively through its Surgeo surgery package portal, lovely as it is? They shouldn't. So a company that puts such a high value on choice -- choice of surgeon, choice of location, choice of price -- has decided to give choice one more place: internet portal. Why? Because customers are picky about how they search.

Consider penile implant surgery. A review of search patterns shows that the most  commonly searched term is "penile implant." Modifiers such as "surgery" are also commonly used, for the composite "penile implant surgery" terms. And of course synonyms are commonly used, so "penile prosthesis" is pretty high on the list. But there are also all kinds of other longer terms that incorporate modifiers for such final terms as "penile implant cost," "penile implant pictures," and "penile implant before and after."

Corresponding to all this is that patients also tend to search for their location. So a patient in the south might search for "penile implant surgery in Nashville," if he lives close to Nashville, or "penile implant surgery in Tennessee." The same patient may also search for "how much does a penile implant cost" if he is paying out of pocket or "who are the best penile implant surgeons" if he wants to have a look at more than one choice. One never really knows how patients will search. They're individual and thus idiosyncratic. Heck, maybe they'll search for what they hope one day will be their own personal prosthesis and just type "my penile implant" into the search box.

Understanding the psychology of the patient who wants to do some research about penile implants will help to better serve him. Allevion believes in choice as a fundamental element of good healthcare. This is why it is building video, blog, social, and now full-on web sites to better serve its customers.

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