An Elite Team of Nasal Sinus Surgeons

October 30, 2015

If you have been suffering from migraine headachessneezing, coughing, deviated septum, or number of other symptoms or signs that can be treated with nasal sinus surgery, the last thing you want is any old surgeon poking around your nose. The first thing you need is a highly qualified rhinologist (that is what a nose surgeon is called). And you can find a highly qualified rhinologist here because our nasal sinus surgery network is made up of the surgeons that sinus surgeons use when they need sinus surgery.

We started building the sinus surgery team with Reuben Setliff, MD, who, as one sinus surgeon said about him: "he's forgotten more about sinus surgery than the rest of us will ever know, plus I had my own sinus surgery with him." It seems everyone in sinus surgery not only knows Reuben but has immense respect for him as a clinician, innovator, and teacher. They should know. They are in his specialty and they have operated with him. There may be no higher level of validation. Reuben then helped us develop the network. So starting off in his home base of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Reuben helped us add surgeons in Los Angeles, Boston, and San Antonio. And what we did, after checking them out in even greater detail and with more surgeons, was invite them in.

We will add more highly qualified, peer credentialed surgeons as we find them and you can keep up with your choices by checking them out through the procedure dropdown at the top of the page.

Watch the video below for a general overview of our nasal sinus surgery packages.



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