Two doctors examine surgical quality and access to care

April 2, 2016

Reports have surfaced recently of physician ratings by people who know little about healthcare quality. In this light, family physician and radio host Craig Wax interviewed Arnon Krongrad, MD, Surgeo's founder, on how Surgeo thinks about and brings quality to its customers.

The interview begins with a broad overview of doctoring and the fundamental purpose of the physician-patient relationship. Dr. Krongrad outlines a history at the bedside that spans 50 years that included making house calls, delivering babies, and introducing laparoscopic radical prostatectomy into the United States. Dr. Krongrad describes how he spot customized a flat-fee surgery package that involved taking a patient from Oregon to an operating room in Trinidad and how that helped to introduce new, affordable choice and how this paved the way to new ways to simplify access to quality surgical care.

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