Hip and Knee Replacement in Austin, Texas

October 22, 2015

Orthopedic surgeons like to build stuff. Many of them are engineers at heart and many seem to have actually been engineers before going to medical school. Well, our most recent addition, Omar Akhtar, MD, is no exception. Before going to medical school, Dr. Akhtar built and engineered the algorithms and code that became what today is live video streaming!

Dr. Akhtar practices in Austin, Texas, where his clinical focus is hip and knee replacement. According to other orthopedic surgeons with whom we spoke and who actually scrubbed with him on tough joint replacement surgery cases, he has some of the best hands around. Put that together with what they said about his bedside manner, and you'll see why he's a Surgeo surgeon. Among his career highlights:

              Practicing engineer prior to becoming an orthopedic surgeon
              Developed algorithms for what is today's video streaming services
              Graduated Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
              Trained in orthopedics at the Western Michigan University
              Fellowship in complex joint reconstruction at Univ. of Pennsylvania
              Runs evidence based practice focused on hip and knee replacement
              Reviews research submitted to the Journal of Arthroplasty

Oh, and here are some of what other orthopedic confidentially said to us about Dr. Akhtar:

              “Dr. Akhtar helped me with tough cases. He is an excellent surgeon.”
              “Omar is the consummate gentleman. I’ve never seen him upset.”
              “He had among the highest patient satisfaction scores at Kaiser.”
              “He’s tuned to protocols on clean scrubs, shoe covers, etc.”
              “He’s very careful and smart. He never cuts corners.”
              “He doesn’t operate on every patient who walks in.”
              “I would let him operate on my family any day.”
              “I wish he could back to our practice.”

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