Consumerist Surgery Tool Goes to Consumerism Meeting

November 26, 2015

What happens when a consumer directed service like Surgeo goes to a broad consumerism conference? Who does he meet? What does he say? And what does he learn?

Last week, Surgeo joined the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism's Forum West 2015, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference featured participation by health plans, health savings account administrators, benefits consultants, patient support vendors, wellness consultants, telemedicine vendors, transparency companies, and more. Surgeo joined MedLion, SpendWell Health, and Healthcare Blue Book in a session focused on supply side reforms. Like MedLion, Surgeo focused on simplification of the physician-patient interaction, which today has become very very complicated.

You can read and see more about MedLion's views about direct primary care as simplifying the interactions. You can also see a video about Surgeo's direct approach to access to surgery

At the conclusion of the conference, we sat down with Ron Bachman, Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism, who summarized his observations about the Forum. Ron lumped Surgeo along with disruptors. We asked Ron how far ahead the participants are given that the United States has not had a consumerist healthcare society in over 50 years. Click below to hear his thoughts.




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