Employee Surgery Benefits with No Membership Fees

October 22, 2015

Human resources directors are constantly challenged to find products for their employee health plans that open access to great care but that do not break the budget. Among the problems in doing this is that many health plans require an annual membership fee or premium to join. This is a problem because it places a financial risk on the plan sponsor by forcing it to pay for service that may never be consumed. 

Surgeo breaks with convention by eliminating membership fees completely and relying instead on a simple, pay-as-you-go payment system. These kinds of systems are in common use generally. You don't pay a shoe store a membership fee. You pay for shoes if and when you need them. In the case of Surgeo, which sells flat-fee, transparently priced surgery packages, any user, including a human resources director or the employee, can see choices for free, compare them for free, and send in a consultation request for free. Payment is due only if and when a surgical bundle is purchased. 

Surgeo further makes things convenient by offering help getting financing, if needed, and in some cases wrapping service with complications protections, too.

Click here to download a pdf presentation of what Surgeo can do for your employee health plan.



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