Causes of and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

October 25, 2015

Men lose the ability to have erections for many reasons. Broadly speaking, the causes are emotional and physical and can be an inter-relationship between them. For example, prostate cancer surgery, a very physical event, can cause erectile dysfunction, which can lead to emotional distress. Priapism, defined as a painful and long lasting erection, can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by more than one factor at a time. For example, it can be caused by a cumulative effect of diabetes, obesitysmoking, fatigue, and depression. In other words, in some cases, reversing one possible cause of erectile dysfunction, which may be acting as the "last straw," may be sufficient to reverse the cumulative effect and restore erections sufficient for vaginal penetration. This is why men sometimes report that they function better on vacation than during normal working days: the relaxation and rest may in these cases counter-act the ill effects of exhaustion that daily life can bring. This is why attention to the many factors can be very useful in assessing and addressing erectile dysfunction.

When conservative measures – exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, improved nutrition, psychological counseling – do not suffice, men may find relief with medical measures. Among those are:

            oral medications: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra​
            vacuum erection devices
            injection therapy
            intra-urethral suppositories

The decision about which treatment to have, if any, belongs to the patient. This decision can and should be guided by the expert input of his doctor(s) and friends and family. If that decision is to have surgery, then Surgeo, which opens access to peer credentialed surgeons, can help by offering simple access to flat-fee, transparently priced, comprehensive penile implant surgery packages that include:

            the surgeon
            the facility
            choice of implant, best made in consultation with the surgeon
            care before and after the procedure
            complications protection
            financing navigation
            use of online tools

Surgeo does not say if and when to have a penile implant. Surgeo does say that if you are having a penile implant, have it with a highly qualified surgeon. The surgeons you find on this web site are all penile implant specialists. They include surgeons who have done thousands of such procedures, surgeons who teach other surgeons how to do the surgery, and surgeons who have done clinical trials and generally have spent years thinking about how to perfect penile prosthesis implantation.

Surgeo also says that if you have a penile implant, get the convenience of flat-fee surgical bundles that include ancillary procedures, to eliminate financial surprises. And make a choice that works well for you. Maybe you want a penile implant surgeon in Houston,Texas. Maybe you want to pay less. Surgeo helps you to examine your choices and make the one that works best for you, knowing that every surgeon has been peer credentialed and is very experienced and knowing that every penile implant bundle includes all the components listed above. 

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