Malleable Semi-Rigid Penile Prosthesis and Its Advantages

October 31, 2015

In yesterday's post, Surgeo Blog looked at which kind of trainer was better suited to helping recipients of prostheses to learn to use the new prosthesis. Implicit in this post is the idea that the perfect use of a new prosthesis is not immediate and that various obstacles can get in the way to it.

In the case of some kinds of prostheses, the learning curve may be relatively prolonged because of a need for privacy. For example, a penile prosthesis, compared with a limb prosthesis, may not be the sort of prosthesis for which a man would feel comfortable asking for help. So is there a way to make it easier for the recipient of a penile prosthesis, also called a penile implant, to get to proper use quickly and without having to potentially ask embarrassing questions? Are there situations in which one kind of prosthesis may be more suitable?

An article published this month in the Journal of Sexual Medicine makes the argument that in some situations it may be more suitable to implant a malleable (semi-rigid) penile prosthesis. The malleable variant is one of three generally available prostheses, being less popular than the two-piece and three-piece inflatable models. Among the reasons that it is less popular is that it may not as completely fold away when not in use. However, argues the authoring urologist, it has some advantages over the inflatable models:

        it is easy to operate, which may be especially helpful in men with arthritis
        it is less costly and thus more available to men with limited means

The rest of the article is aimed at surgeons and lays out surgical technique for implantation of a malleable penile prosthesis. However, its opening argument resonates with anyone who believes that every patient is different and that, in sensitivity to adoption and cost, it is a very good idea to present choice. Surgeo penile implant surgery packages allow for exactly that kind of choice: the patient, with input from his surgeon, can choose a malleable prosthesis if it better suits him.

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