Penile Implant

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Package O

$22,500 US
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Ansar Khan, MD

Specialty: Urology
Practicing Since: 1977
Certification(s): Urology
Medical School(s): King George Medical College (1976)
Residency : Mayo Clinic (1976 )

A little about me ...

I have been involved with the penile implant and urinary sphincter surgery at the Mayo Clinic since its inception. I worked with Dr. Bill Furlow, a pioneer of this kind of surgery, for 6 months and must have implanted over 100 penile prostheses during the early days. I have worked closely with American Medical Systems, now Boston Scientific, during the evolution and improvement of their prosthetic devices. When I moved to Nebraska I was the only urologist trained in penile implant surgery and so I helped train other local urologists and urology residents, at which time I was doing over 50 implants per year. I have close associations with Dr. John Mulcahy, Dr. Culley Carson, and Dr. Dean Knoll, since the residency days at the Mayo Clinic, all of whom had made urology prosthetics the major focus of their careers. I trained many representatives American Medical systems with intraoperative demonstrations and discussions. Along with penile implant surgery I have been busy with Peyronie's reconstructions using different grafts. I take care of patients from Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding states of South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and others.

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