New Service Customizes Surgery Packages

Broadens access to highly qualified surgeons Offers convenience, clarity, and choice

If you are heading for surgery, you want an experienced surgeon and convenient service. You also want to know what you are getting and how much it will cost. It is hard to find quality, convenience, and clarity. It is nearly impossible to find choices to compare.

Allevion develops and offers choices of transparently priced, comprehensive surgery packages that help customers who need surgery and want quality, convenience, and clarity. Each surgery package is built around and is led by a highly qualified surgeon who specializes in the procedure being offered.

Every surgery package brings together a set of necessary components. For example, a rotator cuff repair package includes the surgeon, surgeon's assistant, surgical facility, anesthesia, bone anchors, shoulder sling, and more. Buying surgery in a package lightens the burden of having to otherwise deal with many providers.

Each Allevion surgery package has a clear price that includes ancillary procedures. If the surgeon finds a hiatus hernia while performing a gastric sleeve weight loss operation, the hiatus hernia is repaired, but there is no extra charge. 

Allevion offers its "off-the-shelf" surgery packages to patients, employers, and payers. It offers them for such common procedures as cervical discectomy and nasal septoplasty in a growing number of locations and for a growing number of procedures.

Allevion now also offers a service that customizes surgery package solutions for patients, employers, and payers. Said Bruce of Pigeon Forge, TN: “I needed a reconstructive procedure. Shopping on my own was exhausting. There was only one choice and it was lousy. At my request, Allevion custom built surgery packages and I chose the one with the best combination of surgeon, price, and location for me. I got a great surgeon, a top-of-the-line implant, and a price I could afford. It was as if they had built me a private surgery market. It was easy.”

To make it easier for customers to choose the best surgery packages for them, Allevion develops surgery packages using a uniform package definition. For example, every knee replacement package includes 12 sessions of physical therapy. Package uniformity enables a customer to make a rational decision about which choice works best for him. Allevion helps the customer understand the choices, organize medical records, apply for financing, and coordinate review by the surgeon. 

Allevion's "off-the-shelf" and customized surgery packages deliver quality, convenience, and clarity. They give customers choice. To learn what Allevion's surgery packages can do for you, please give us a call at 305-504-8475.

Posted on Jun 30, 2015