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Listen as Surgeo founder Arnon Krongrad, M.D. shares Surgeo's approach to bringing you quality and convenience.

If medications and pumps don't work for your erectile dysfunction, you may want a penile implant. The problem is insurance may not cover and finding cost can be a hassle. Surgeo eliminates hassle with comprehensive packages. Your flat cost covers surgery, added procedures, and financial protection; the surgery is done by one of our highly qualified surgeons. You get easy access to:

penile implant surgery packages quality choice texas           ​• Surgeons who have put in more than 20,000 penile implants. They know what they are doing.
           • Packages that include your surgeon, anesthesia, facility, and your choice of implant.
           • Choices so you can pick what's best for you! Here are two examples:

City Surgeon Cost    
Sewell, NJ Brian Steixner, M.D. $20,000 View Details Choose This Package
New York, NY Robert Valenzuela, M.D. $26,700 View Details Choose This Package

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Brief Overview

Erectile function can decline and, when medications and other approaches fail, a penile implant may be the right treatment. When considering a penile implant, you want a surgeon with experience and focus. You also want to know the cost. Surgeo offers you transparently priced packages that take into account surgeon experience and focus. Our surgeons are highly qualified and hand picked. All specialize in penile implant surgery.

Financial Protection

Surgeo penile implant surgery packages include an exclusive financial product that protects you by paying bills you may receive in the event of complications. It covers complications determined by your surgeon to be directly related to your penile implant surgery, including infections and problems with the implant. The protection covers up to $25,000 of bills for up to 12 months after surgery.

Meet One Of Our Surgeons

When you are having surgery, you want the right surgeon. Our job is to bring you highly qualified surgeons and help you get to just the right one. To give you a real sense of who we mean, let us give you an example.

Penile implant surgeon new jersey philadelphia pennsylvania atlantic cityMeet Brian Steixner, M.D., who leads our penile implant service in New Jersey. Dr. Steixner studied medicine at Temple University. Since training at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the busiest urology training programs in the U.S., Dr. Steixner has focused his practice on men's health, sexual medicine, and penile implant surgery. He is one of few surgeons anywhere who has put in more than 500 penile implants. Dr. Steixner lectures on erectile dysfunction. A born teacher, he contributes also to Men's Health Magazine, Sirius Doctor Radio, and other media.

Dr. Steixner's resume speaks for itself: he's trained at some of the most serious programs in the world and accomplished a great deal. For you, that is part of the equation as you consider who to choose for your care. One of the other parts – a critical part – is how he performs with patients, which we believe is best determined in private conversations with his peers who have worked with him in the operating room, seen his patients, and gotten a real, not academic, sense of his work. We spoke privately with Dr. Steixner's peers, who made consistent reference to his technical skills and behavior at the bedside. They were clearly all very respectful of him. Here are a few of the things they told us:

 “He is technically far above the majority”
 “Dr. Steixner is a fabulous, slick surgeon”
• “He’s very friendly, very trusted by patients”
“He has a big men’s health referral network”
• “He doesn't waste time, does fantastic work”

 “He's very warm and he answers questions”
 “Whatever the highest marks, he gets them”

The packages listed above feature surgeons who specialize in penile implant surgery and have met our qualification criteria. You can find more choices if you click here. Take a look at your choices, see which is right, and, if you have any questions, call us at (888) 504 1080. We will be glad to help you.

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